Lust Of The Lazy


Pic By: Ankur Jha

Pic By: Ankur Jha

O sweet mind of mine,

you are my greatest foe

who wishes me


 of the best kind.


You bind me

 in the lifeless chains of horrid thoughts

Blinded, I,  sit in those dark cages

Praying you would throw me some light.


I know that you are but a part inside,

One which has taken me slave.

My life is a maze

 full of troubles.

And when I try to crawl out,

You force me to take

a rest.



In the horrors

 of our case

I’ll gladly soak in the pain

But I hope you know that

There is no running away

When those scars of our ugly games

Sink into your face.



How long do you think

We can hide in the shadows?

Surely, you of all,

The brave

must know that the day is near

When the glare of the truth

Will even burn our grave.


Tell me then,

O sweet mind of mine,

Which fields do you think,

 Our departed soul

Will lie in?



This lust of the lazy,

Which you make me worship,

Lays in the shrine

Which I will surely destroy,

O sweet mind of mine.


Dragging me into the

Dreams of a swine

Will only perish us

O sweet mind of mine.



What confuses me

Is that

You show me pity

While laughing at my calamity.

But I will battle

Till I climb up that alp inside me

Where I will be the master,

Of you,

O sweet mind of mine.


And on that peak

I will wait for that day

On whose dawn

My freedom from myself will shine

O sweet mind of mine.


When this happens

You and me will be one.

We will start a new voyage

Liberating ourselves from petty life,

And all the waves we will outrun.


Until then let’s just hug and cherish, while drinking wine,

This gloomy night which will never end,

O sweet mind of mine.


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