Mahesh Babu vs. Don Corleone.

136637684660159 (2)On a public holiday,(well any day is a holiday for you when your’e a lame ass like me), but on a public holiday, especially the ones on a weekday, you have nothing to watch on TV after you have had a satisfying lunch and lie down on your couch hoping to get entertained. If you, like myself are addicted to the various TV series on Star World, I hate to admit it but its a grave time for us my friend. Star World has killed its reputation in my eyes by buying rights to the crappiest family dramas and lamest shows ever made. What happened to the time when all the shows were super fun. Why One tree Hill? Why not Breaking Bad? Why Packed to the rafters? Why not Six Feet Under? Anyway, coming back to the topic,  Well you’re in for a treat. If you have seen the ad’s on ZEE Cinema lately, the truly awesome ‘South Ka Super Punch’ is a one you wont forget for a long time. It is hilarious. It promotes a week long series of South Indian dubbed films which are going to play on that channel. That is where I got the idea of writing this post. I mean, I have nothing against all the south Indian people I’m surrounded with, as a matter of fact I in many ways am a south Indian, but I just don’t get your movies.  I know there are crappy movies in every industry, and India has a gazillion of them. The versatility of Indian cultures and movies makes it the best movie making country in the world according to me.

Wait a second, I’m deviating from the main reason I am writing this post. So here is the thing, this afternoon I had such a loser life that I was watching Mahesh babu’s ‘ Business Man’ dubbed into Hindi. And my God was it hilarious! This loser comes to Mumbai from Hyderabad and plays around with the whole city like road runner playing with coyote. Goodness, he even says that he has gone there to make Mumbai pee in its pants. I really wish the Shiv Sainik’s watch this, I wonder how will Raj Thackrey react to the movie. Anyway, gangster movies are fun, when they make sense. The best thing I love about gangster movies is they all have super punchy dialogues. Some of them are written down in History and some are unintentionally funny. So there I was, lying on my couch, one leg hung to the adjacent wall, watching the movie by which  I was actually getting entertained, because it was unintentionally funny. And then came the biggest laugh of all, the climax dialogue. “Gurthupettuko…neekante thopu evadu ledikkada ,neeku edi anipisthe adi chey, evadi mata vinoddu, manishi mata assalu vinoddhu, nee target 10miles aithe aim for the 11th mile. KODTHE DIMMA TIRIGIPOVALI”  and I was like “Seriously dude?”  Now this guy is telling me that no one in this world is better than me, that I’m not supposed to listen to anyone’s words. Especially Humans. So who else am I supposed to listen to ? Flying Pigs?  And I seriously doubt that even Mahesh Babu dint know what he meant when he says that if my target is the 10th mile I’m supposed to aim for the 11th. And then I came onto my laptop and opened the huge movie library I have in it, and by some bizarre co incidence my eyes directly fell onto the Godfather series. So there is were, I thought what would have happened if Mahesh Babu decided to bully Don Corleone? May be he would’ve offered Don Corleone some Hyderabadi Ikhtar and would’ve gotten some Sicilian oil in return.

Okay folks, enough jokes. Now its time for some serious battle of words between two men of different culture and attitudes. I know hardcore Godfather fans will curse me for this comparison but cum’on, its just for a few laughs. So here is a rip off some of my favorite Don Corleone quotes vs Some of Mahesh Babu’s I found on the net. FYI I have given my best to translate Mahesh Babu’s Dialouge into English in an uncanny way and a totally south Indian way. :p

Mahesh Babu: Nenu Mellaga elagola bathikeyyataniki Raledhu….Mumbai ni Ucha Poinchataniki vachanu! (I haven’t come here to make a small living, I have come here to make Mumbai pee in its pants!)

Don Corleone:I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse

Mahesh Babu:Nenu kodithe adola untnudi ani allueellu cheppatame kani naaku kuda teliyadhu…ippudu meeku telusthundi. ( Even I dont know how my blows are apart from people telling that they are different, Now you will know. )

Don Corleone:Italians have a little joke, that the world is so hard a man must have two fathers to look after him, and that’s why they have godfathers

Mahesh Babu:Mind lo fix ayithe blind ga vellipotha. (If I’ve fixed a decision in my mind, I go on Blind.)

Don Corleone:Why should I be afraid now? Strange men have come to kill me ever since I was twelve years old.

Mahesh Babu:Nenu Narakadam Modalu Pedithe Narakam Bayata kooda Housefull Board Pedathaaru ra. (If I start slaying, even hell puts up a ‘House Full’ board in front of their gates)

Don Corleone:Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

Mahesh Babu: Kallu Unnodu Mundhu Matrame Choosthadu, Dimaak Unnodu Duniya Motham Choosthadu. (A man with eyes only looks forward, a man with brains looks everywhere.)

Don Corleone :We are all honorable men here, we do not have to give each other assurances as if we were lawyers.

Mahesh Babu:Evadu kodithe dimma thirigi mind block ayiddo vaade pandu. (By whose blow your conscience spins and your mind gets blocked, he is Pandu. Me)

Don Corleone: ( Dialogue Interrupted by his Son.)

-Michael Corleone: Tell my father I wish to be his son.

😀 Now that’s a rap.



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