Parallel Paradise of Platform no.3

Dear reader, I have written this article only to show the world from my imagination, So i plead you to be patient and finish the whole article, for I believe you wont be dissapointed at the end of it. And I also wish you’d ignore the mistakes in the article, if any, for I am no expert at writing. And at the last. I haven’t revealed the name of the main character of this story, for I want her name to be in the dark because of the deeds she is forced to do in the story. This is the respect given to the character.



She was waiting for the 10.30 pm local train on Platform No.3, this was her daily routine. The train arrived ten minutes late, she got into it and left for work. Her job started in the late nights and ended at early mornings. Though the services she offered through her job were the same, her clients and locations changed each night. Some nights it would be a 20 year old who would become her slave and it was a easy job to finish, just a quickie  But on some unfortunate nights it would be a frustrated,drunk and ‘out of the game for a very long time’, 50 year old demon. Tonight it was a 36 year old man, who wasn’t a resident of this city but was here on some matters which were none of her concern. This man was in need of her services tonight. She had to be in suite 589, of the Fishland hotel by 11 p.m.Before going to work she used to help her son Taj with his homework, feed him, put him to bed, pray to god to forgive her and leave.She was always gloomy before the job. But it was good pay,it bought food and books on the table, for her 5 year old son. She would be back home the next morning at 5 am sharply, to flat 306 raghava apartments.The neighborhood wasn’t an ideally “good society”. It was a place where the lowest of the lower middle class resided, 30 year old single bedroom apartments. In this locality someone was a auto driver, someone was a cab driver, some one was a mechanic, someone was a peon, someone was a bus conductor.For the people of the society she was a sweet and simple, single mother who worked at a BPO in the night shifts, but every one has a dark side,a side with such secrets which can never be revealed  because the society never wants to look beyond the upper layer and gives the person a contaminated tag. This was her dark side. She was a 32 year old women, who was a caring mother in the mornings and a top of the class escort in the nights. She was the best in the game. She knew she dint have to be desperate for money to find 10 clients in a day who could pay her bills. One client a night would bring her enough money. Her extraordinary figure had to be given credit for this. She had her rules. She worked only at nights, she was afraid to go out to work in the day lights, some moral ego hidden deep inside her would stop her. One client every night was her scehdule. She wasn’t that afraid in the nights, the dark gave her a feeling of security,a feeling that no one was watching her, watching her do her sins.


She would get her client’s name and location through sms, which a broker sent her, a broker, whom she never used to meet, but work with him unseen and silently. He took his 20% of the share for the information he provided,information of filthily rich clients. A girl who had only received primary education didn’t have much future in the “good club” of the society. Apart from the good money, there was another reason she had chosen this field of work. She had understood long ago, that no matter how civilized people behaved in this world, inside everybody, was a primitive blackened side.


She was at an orphanage till she was 16. Her care taker was kind to her, he told her that she was left by a woman on the doorstep of Mother India orphanage when she was 2 years old. When she was a child the care taker would take all the kids out on picnics and bought them ice creams, he used to secretly buy her 2 ice creams, handing her the second ice cream he used to kiss her on her cheek and whisper in her ear “because you are my favorite”. He taught her English and other general knowledge of the world. On her 12th birthday, he bought her a new dress. For the next birthday he bought her beautiful pink shoes. Every night for the next year she used to go to bed wearing those shoes. When she turned 14, she had huge expectations, of what the care taker would give her this year. But to her sorrow he was away on some work that day. It was at 8 in the night that he returned to the orphanage, hugged her and kissed her and wished her a very happy birthday. He told her to come to his room after dinner, and that he had bought her a wonderful surprise. It seemed to her the longest dinner she had had in her life. She was that excited.When she entered his room, he was doing some accounts. When he looked at her, she no longer looked a cute child. By the age of 14 she had transformed into a beautiful teenaged girl. That night changed her life forever.


When it was happening, she was so shocked that her mind didn’t know in what way to react. He was pounding on her for 40 minutes. Those 40 minutes she was in a world which was undiscovered for her, she was not liking it, but couldn’t react for the amazement of what was happening. She was like a child who had been sent into a whole new world and who was looking at everything that was happening around with curiousty and analyzing everything. The look on her care taker’s face when he was entering her, she would never forget. And at the end, it pained. It pained a lot. Over the next two years, the care taker’s behavior had changed completely towards her. He was no longer sweet to her, he no longer bought her gifts, and instead threw a dirty smile at her when she walked into his room. A smile which made her ashamed. She then understood the reasons for why the care taker had never let her get adopted, why he would always tell her to stay in her room on the day of adoptions. This meant, that he had planned for this very long ago, when she was a innocent child. This also meant that all those gifts, all those extra ice creams, those kisses and hugs meant nothing. She also understood the meaning of his line “because your my Favorite” Thinking about all this would break her. For the next two years the care taker banged her every almost every night. Some nights she used to scream from the pain he caused between her thighs, he used to cover her mouth with his hand and enter her even harder. In the mornings , the care taker was a humble gentleman, greeting everyone with smiles and never getting angry, but on bed he was a demon. It was during this time she realized,that no matter how civilized people behaved in this world, inside everybody, was a primitive blackened side. She also realized that her beauty was her curse.


When she was 16, she finally got the courage to run away from the orphanage. During the next years of struggle, she found a way to make her curse the only reason for her survival. She had met Bharati amma.Bharati amma ran a small hotel outside the secunderabad railway station. Bharati amma gave her food and gave her a job. She had to sell Bharati amma’s samosas on platform no.3 of the secunderabad station  The other platforms where occupied by other kids of the Bharati amma brigade. Over the years she grew very close to Bharati amma, and she finally got the courage to tell Bharati amma what had happened when she was 21. Bharati amma  consoled her, and Bharati amma’s company made her forget her past and look ahead for the future. Bharati amma taught her on how to learn from one’s experiences and move on with life. Bharati amma taught her how everybody had a destiny, how everyone had a job and how everyone had a past. Bharati amma also taught her on how to make the most off the opportunities and experiences from her past. Bharati amma taught her to love herself for what she was. For the next two years she sat on platform no.3 selling samosas and received Bharati amma’s teaching. Sitting on Platform no.3, she’d close her eyes and fly away into a parallel paradise. A place where everything was beautiful, a place where there was no struggle, a place where she had a beautiful house with a green garden, in the garden she and Bharati amma would sit sipping tea and laughing at the jokes they’d crack on one other. A guy who would marry her, give her beautiful children, Twins, she used to think. A paradise which would run parallel y in her mind when she used to sit on platform no.3 selling samosas. Though this was only day dreaming , she enjoyed her paradise.


When she was 23 Bharati amma passed away, and left her all the life savings and also the house she and Bharati amma used to live in. She had no one in her life now. Life seemed dull. Bharati amma before passing away, was able to teach her the most important lesson of life. The lesson of forgiving and moving on. She recollected those thoughts. The words which Bharati amma said ” one day you will have to forgive yourself for the past and move on with life, one day I wont be with you, for I am getting old, one day you will get old, and that day I want you to look back at your past and say to yourself,’It has been a wonderful life’ and for that to happen you have to promise me to get up and face the world no matter how dark it seems, you have to be strong, for only you are the carrier of your fate.” She promised herself that she will make her dreamt  paradise a reality, for Bharati amma, for herself.

The following year she met him. She met the guy who would make her smile, whose presence made her forget all the misfortunes which had happened to her in the past. His presence made her physically nervous, which had never happened to her from when she had ran away from the orphanage 7 years ago.She loved him from all her heart and she wanted to fuck the brains out of him. When he took her to his home, Sultan’s parents gave her a cold shoulder. They dint want their son to be married to a girl who grew up in the orphanage  and a girl who ran a hotel at a railway station. They told Sultan, that she would never enter their home as a daughter-in-law to them. Sultan and her were in love, all these threats seemed immaterial. He left his parent’s house and told her they would never see his parents again.  After much pursuation from Sultan, she too told herself “this is what bharati amma would want, me being happy, and for me to be happy I have to do this. I want a future where I look back and tell to myself that I’ve had a wonderful life and this is my chance to have a wonderful life “. She sold the hotel, with the money, they where about to get married. They rented a house and started living in it. After a couple of weeks living  in the house, she surrendered herself completely to Sultan. They made love together like wild beasts. It went on till early morning, when they where finally exhausted and their hunger had gone, they went to sleep holding each other close, after a while she opened her eyes and checked if Sultan was deep in his sleep, with assurance she slipped past his arms and took a razor blade from the drawer of the desk, she came on to the bed and cut her left index finger and let a few drops of blood fall on the bed sheet, she din’t want Sultan to know about her horrible past, she wanted him to believe that she was untouched and belonged only to him, she wanted to take no chance of loosing him. The secret of her horrible childhood had to die with Bharati Amma, for this was a new beginning.  They were going to get married next week. The next afternoon, Sultan told her that he was going to the bank to create a joint account and put all the money in it. The money which had come from selling the hotel. He never returned. When she went to Sultan’s parent’s place the next day out of concern, the news stuck her. Sultan had not betrayed her. Sultan died in a car accident on the way to the bank. His parents blamed her and cursed her, they told that she was jinxed and she had bought this misfortune upon their family. They pushed her out of the house and told her never to show her face again. For the next two weeks, she was as good as dead,she had lost all hopes on life, she missed sultan, she wanted him by her side. Whatever happened to the wonderful life she dreamed about, she wondered. She missed Bharati amma, she wanted her shoulder to cry upon. But there was no one there for her. Over the past few days a news broke into her life, a news which brought a ray of hope in her life. She was pregnant with Sultan’s child. When he was born she named him Taj, for he was the crown of his father Sultan. Over the months, she used to think how will she raise Taj, she had to find a way, but how was the question. She had no educational qualification to get a job. She wanted Taj to do all the things in Life which she couldn’t. She wanted him to study, become a doctor, an actor or a politician, who knows, she used to think. But she had to earn money, lots of money, for this to happen. One day, when Taj was four months old, she was feeding him, just then he bit her nipple hard and she gasped  The idea stuck her, she was ashamed to get such an idea, but she recollected Bharathi amma’s word of never to be sorry for the things one does, for he is the own carrier of his fate. Taj having a good life and future was her only priority,she wanted him to have all the happiness this world could possibly give. She used to look at his face while he would be sleeping.He looked like his father. She used to shove her fist in her mouth and cry. Her son had become her only reason for a wonderful life. The next week, when she had very little money left, she decided she would do it. She asked her neighbor to take care of Taj for a couple of hours and told she would return by 12 in the night. She went to secunderabad station, she knew a broker who used to be outside the station every night , hooking up escorts with clients. Bharathi amma had once mentioned about him and his business. On seeing her, he instantly recognized her, for her beauty was very hard to forget. She had the perfect face, the perfect waist  the perfect body. Any man would have gotten aroused looking at her. She spoke to him. Doubtfully scanning her with his lustful eyes from top to bottom, he asked her if she was sure about this. She told him that she needed the money. He smiled at her told her,” There’s a lot of money in this field, the question is how far are you ready to go?” he meant that was this only a one time job she required for some instant money or she wanted to take this up as a profession  She instantly replied, “I’m ready to go as far as it takes.” she meant she was ready to go as far as it took for the happiness and bright future for his son.  At a very young age of 16, in the orphanage she understood that she had an extraordinary gifted body and that she could control any male on bed. This was her talent as well as her curse.



Over the couple of years she turned out to be one the highest paid escort the broker ever had. Money was coming in good. Taj was going to one of the best  schools of the area. Taj turned out to be a very smart kid. He learnt the alphabets very quickly in Kindergarten. He was in the First grade now and was learning basic math. She used to love it when he would recite the English poems he learnt in the school. She used to clap and yell ‘yay.thats my boy’ when he finished and lift him up, kiss him and hug him tight. She used to hug him tight and for a very long time that it made him scream for freedom. She was proud of her son. She’d wish Sultan was here to look at his son, how the three of them would go to watch movies and have picnics. But that didn’t get her down, she used to take him to the amuzment park every week, sometimes a nice movie. She used to love it when he used to ask for more aloo parantha while she was cooking.Taj was a bulky kid, and she’d never mind  in spoiling him. When he came back home from school, she was there at the start of their street to pick him up. He used to jump from the school bus and run into his mother’s arms.She’d wish Bharathi amma was here. Bharathi amma would’ve scolded her for spoiling Taj she’d thought. Bharati amma would’ve told him bed time stories and put him to bed she’d thought. Bharathi amma would’ve massaged Taj with baby oil daily and bathed him she’d thought. But she never felt bad, because she was playing their parts on behalf of them. “Thank you Bharathi amma , for teaching me how to live” She would say to herself daily, “and thank you Sultan for gifting me this little angel ” she used to say. Life was good. That is all she wanted.Until tonight


She got down at Begumpet, she checked the time, it was 11.15. She was late, she took an auto and hurried to the Fishland hotel. She got into the elevator and told the bell boy to drop her on the 5th floor. Within a minute she was standing in front of suite 589. She said to herself”wheww, here we go, forgive me lord for I am about to sin.” and opened the door. She always said that before doing her job. When she entered the room, she dint look at the man’s face directly. She bent her head a little, entered the room and locked the door. When she turned back to face the man, the floor beneath her seemed to slip away from the astonishment, she couldn’t believe, what she was looking at. She was looking at a half naked Sultan lying on the bed,waiting for his escort, staring at her with equal astonishment. She focused and looked with even more concentration at the man. He was definetly Sultan. For a second she thought she could close her eyes and fly way into her Parallel Paradise Of Platform No.3.


To be continued………….


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